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Belize is home to the largest Barrier Reef in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest Barrier Reef in the World. The famous Blue Hole in Belize attracts divers worldwide and its breathtaking views can be seen best from above.  Avid and novice divers are attraceted to Belize yearly to dive and discover our underwater treaures.  Day and night dives are increasingly popular.  The best way to discover or rediscover the beauty of your dive is to pair it with a mainland trip at Maruba Resort Jungle Spa in northern Belize.  Air travels are not permissible 24 hours after a dive so come relax and detox your body with mainland adventures and incredible jungle spa.  Add a couple nights to your vacation so you can truely Experience the Mainland of Belize.  You'll have luxury artisinally designed boutique accommodations, great cuisine & dining and top notch service and personal attention without the crowd.  We offer an Authentic Belize Experience that allows for relaxation and adventure coupled with your love of diving.  Best of Both Worlds for divers!  Experience a truly Authentic Belize Experience.  Experience Maruba Belize.